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All about our school

School History


Lochpots Primary School was opened on Thursday 26 April 1979. The school is an open-plan building comprising:-

1 area used for two lower stages primary classes
1 area used for three middle stages primary classes and the IT suite
Main library
1 general purpose area used by Support for Learners
1 kitchen
1 gym hall/dining hall
Toilets and cloakrooms


In August 1982 an extension to the school was opened. This extension comprises:-

1 area used for three upper stages primary classes
1 general purpose room

Toilets and cloakrooms

A portacabin was added in late 1996 to accommodate one class. In August 1998 the nursery was relocated to this portacabin.

Community links are a valued part of school life. The school is used for a range of community activities, including after school sports and playground

activity clubs. The Head Teacher is invited to attend Parent Council meetings in an advisory capacity. The school has a very supportive Parent Council, which supports school improvement activities and raises additional funds to provide many extras for the pupils in the school.

Devolved budgets are managed in accordance with authority guidelines in order to support planned improvements in the school.

HMIe last inspected the school in 2010, with a follow up visit in 2013.